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Monday, July 23, 2018


Council Minutes, Perak
22nd May 1882

Resident (Hugh Low)
Raja Dris
Dato' Raja Mahkota

4. The Kadzi agrees generally with the Dato' Raja Mahkota, but would prefer that the period of complete manumission be extended to three years.

6. Raja Dris agrees generally with the preceding speakers, whose proposals accord with the views already expressed by himself, but he will draw up a memorandum and submit it to the Council so as to explain in detail the prices at which different classes of slaves should be valued for manumission.

7. H.H. Regent agrees with what had been said, but thinks that the Penghulus should enquire and ascertain the proper sum to be demanded in each case and report on the number of slaves and slave-debtors in their mukims.

8. Raja Dris remarks that an enquiry of this kind would lead to interminable difficulties. When the Resident came to Perak it was notified that all persons who on the day of his arrival were of the status of slaves or bondsmen and the control of their masters should be considered to be of that status without further investigation or enquiry; and it was greatly due to this assurance that the discussion of this important question had not had any disturbing effect. The best plan therefore would be to divide bondsmen into classes and to fix the limits of compensation payable for each class.

9. The Regent then withdraws his objection, but says that he would to see the term of absolute manumission extended to three years.

10. The Resident explains that his chief objection to the proposals of the Chiefs rests on the delay which must take place. He would like to see every one in the State free early in 1883; but if the regular payments of instalments can be guaranteed to the proprietors he thinks that the proposals of Raja Dris presents a solution that can be accepted. He would be greatly obliged if any one of the members who may wish to do so will prepare a memo giving his views in detail. With such assistance, and after discussing the question with other members not now present, the Resident hopes to prepare a return disposing the question in a satisfactory manner. He is quite sure that the British Government and H. E. the Governor will highly appreciate the valuable and ready assistance which the members have given in the discussion of this question and their desire to respond to the invitation to abolish an institution so generally repugnant to the feelings of civilised nations.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


2. Mereka menjadikan sumpahnya sebagai perisai agar selamat, lalu mereka rintangi orang yang menempah jalan Allah. 
Sesungguhnya buruk sekali perbuatan yang mereka lakukan.

3. Yang demikian kerana mereka beriman kemudian kafir, dan Allah telah mengunci mati pada hati mereka. 
Mereka tidak akan mengerti tentang kebenaran.

4. Bila kamu melihat pasti tertarik oleh penampilan mereka. 
Dan bila mereka berkata, kau tertarik dan mendengarkan dengan penuh minat. 
Mereka itu bagaikan longgokan kayu, mengira bahawa seluruh kebaikan tertuju untuk mereka. 
Mereka adalah musuh sejati dan berhati-hatilah terhadap mereka. 
Mereka bakal dibinasakan oleh Allah. 
Mereka berpaling sangat jauh.

Surah Al-Munaafiquun (63), ayat 2, 3, dan 4.

Friday, July 20, 2018


Friday, July 20, 2018 (OutSyed The Box)

Traitors and Treason In The Research Department, Majlis Keselamatan Negara

Here is that letter sent by the Frog look alike lady to the Director of the CIA.  I have the feeling that this now super viral letter has been leaked by the CIA themselves, courtesy of the US Embassy Kuala Lumpur. Just a suspicion but it fits the "expendables" theory.  (Expendables means use when needed and dispose when not needed anymore.)

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Sumpah, Najib tak kona Altantuya. Konon. Den lagi tak kona dio. Cubo tengok gamba. Memang toliur dek eh. 

Mako borghobotlah duo oghang tu tang dopan tang blakang. Si Najib hontam tang blakang. Dah beso agaknyo dongan Bic Mama.

Dah pueh, kaboom. Kosian Aminah. Rohnyo toghui menghantui.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Council Minutes, Perak
15th March 1882

Resident (Hugh Low)
Raja Dris
Dato' Raja Mahkota

7. The Resident submits to H.H. the Regent that in his opinion the State will be in a position to abolish slavery and the institution of slave-indebtness in the year 1883, and that he desires the members of Council on returning to their districts to consult as to the best method of carrying out this important measure. He will ask H.H. to call a meeting of the Council in May to decide upon some definite scheme, of which due notice may be given to the people concerned.

Council Minutes, Perak
22nd May 1882

Resident (Hugh Low)
Raja Dris
Dato' Raja Mahkota

2. The Resident says that from the informal discussion that took place at the last meeting it was evident that the question of the manumission of slaves was not yet ripe for immediate settlement. He therefore thinks it advisable that those members who were present should record their opinions in order that such a record may enable the Government to frame definite proposals for discussion and adoption on some future occasion.

3. The Dato' Maharaja Mahkota says that in his opinion slave-debtors should be called upon to buy their freedom by monthly instalments paid either in labour or in money. Masters who desire to employ their slaves in their own houses may do so by arranging for a monthly reduction of the debt so as to leave the debtor free at the end of two years. Should the instalments not be met, the creditor is entitled to sue as for an ordinary debt, and to have the slave-debtor sent by the Megistrate to work for Government at the rate of not more than 20 cents a day, half his earnings to go to his support and half to his master in payment of the money due. The people so object to Government work on the mountains that debtors will always be ready to earn money for their masters without having recourse to this measure. All slavery should be completely abolished from 1st January, 1885.

… to be continued

Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Perdana Menteri Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad pada Selasa    (10/7/2018) mengatakan bahwa pemerintahnya tidak akan menyerah dengan mudah terhadap tuntutan India untuk mendeportasi dai kondang Dr Zakir Naik atas dugaan kegiatan teror dan pencucian uang.
Tiga hari setelah pertemuan dengan Zakir Naik, Mahathir mengatakan bahwa pemerintahnya akan selalu memastikan bahwa semua faktor telah diperiksa sebelum menanggapi tuntutan apapun, New Straits Times melaporkan.
“Kami tidak mudah mengikuti tuntutan pihak lain. Kami harus melihat semua faktor sebelum kami menanggapi,” kata Mahathir dalam pernyataan publik.
“Kalau tidak, maka seseorang akan menjadi korban,” tegasnya.

Many years have passed but the Muslims all over the world have not forgotten how the extremists demolished the Babur Mosque.  There are many instances of Muslims bear the brunt of religious riots. Kashmiris are being killed daily by Indian troops. Muslims are being harassed for slaughtering cows of husbandry. Muslim are second class citizens in India. So, who is the real terror? Modi. India is a terrorist state. Added to this Hindu youths are turning into gang rapists. Young Muslim girls have been victims.

Islam is a religion of peace. Zakir's talks on Islam are well attended by  Hindus also. It is reported that many of them converted during the talks. Probably this strike fear to Modi's government hence the (false) accusations on Zakir to curtail his proselytisation.

There are local top bloggers who are dead against Zakir and want him extradited. One question for them. How many converts they have made in their lifetimes? 


US imperialist killing fields of Muslims in the Philippines, 1900-1941:

1. Tunggul Attack, 1902, Datu Tunggul Binidayan Sultan - leaders killed.
2. Maciu Resistance, 1902, Sultan Ganduli, Tanagan - leaders, 150-200 Muslims killed.
3. Taraca Defiance, 1903-09, Ampuanagus - leader surrendered, 290 Muslims killed, 13 wounded, 52 captured.

Sulu Island
1. Lirut Incident, 1901, Panglima Hassan - leader surrendered, no data.
2. Taglibi Encounter, 1903, Maharajah Andung - leader, 74 Muslims killed.

1. Ali Rebellion, 1903-04, Datu Ali, leader, sons, datus, several Muslims killed.

2. Alamanda Resistance, 1913. Datu Alamanda - leader surrendered, no data.

Duterte, like past Presidents of the Philippines continue the crusades against the Moros until today.