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Monday, August 2, 2010

High income economy: 30 july 2010

By al-Din on August 1, 2010 11:21 PM

The beras basmati of RM5/kg today is no longer of quality long grains as basmati (of same price) 6 months ago. That basmati is now at RM12/kg I was told.

With floods in parts of Pakistan, China and India and soon Southeast Asian countries with the coming monsoon the price of rice of any grade is bound to rise due to shortage. Are not these calamities signs of impending food problems?

Our politicians should talk more about food for the people and not about high income. When there is abundance of staple food especially our staple the common rakyat will be happy. The ruling government don't have to put all kinds of antics and shallow talk to buy votes then.

The government must make economic development and productivity happen and higher income will follow suit. Najib's statement is ill-conceived. It is as if putting the cart before the horse. The ordinary rakyat (as opposed to the rich) has no option but to sweat it out to earn more income.

Forcing high income is unnatural. In what way when many don't have the means? The government is definitely not in a position to dole out to the lower income group not with RM2billion losses by Sime Darby! The elegant pretender must be held responsible also.

Why Tun has to go all the way including the arithmatics to explain the ill-effects of artificial high income? Is anybody really thinking up there? Wasted votes.

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