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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rubbish: dec 10 2010

By al-Din on December 12, 2010 3:22 PM

If we are unable to solve KL's rubbish problem then:

i) we have not learn anything from much bigger cities how they go about it but many officials have been sent overseas for study-visits;
ii) KL should not get bigger than it is meaning no 100 storey superstructure and the likes;
iii) no more further pronouncements of cities anywhere else in Malaysia.

We are thankful that scrapyards are everywhere. They recycle solid waste especially metal and plastic and make good money. Ordinary people get paid for disposing their waste.

Adults are showing poor example to their children by throwing wastes by the window while driving. Otherwise our roadways are not littered with rubbish.

I have a dream not for KL but to transform desert into fertile oases in Arabia. The engineering feat is to pool human waste (during haj and umrah), siphon and release it to distant desert areas around Mekah, block by block of 100ha each for a period of time. Soon there will be plenty of arab(le) land!

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