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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kampung Baru 2: Jan 11 2011

By al-Din on January 13, 2011 1:59 AM

Tun is playing the fall guy. The person/group of people to take blame for the failure to develop KB are those entrusted by the government to do the job. We don't expect the PM to be on the ground! However, Tun being a true leader as he is takes the blame.

Politicians want fast impact to catch votes. It is a messy and time consuming affair to develop KB as we have been told. There must be a way to do it innovatively but needs patient. The predicament is not as bad as the Palestinians wanting for their homeland!

Najib is dangling the 67B ETP carrot. Apparently, the focus is on economics (meaning money) and the social benefit is treated like a spin-off. 2.2B is for Tongkat Ali but not food especially rice.

Imagine if just 1B could be allocated to develop KB then things would move fast. Well, the carrot is not meant for everybody. Uncle Sam is a rabid carrot-eater, and Exxon is having the first bite. Muhyi's visit is after the fact.

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