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Friday, March 16, 2012


Mulut komut, komut mulut membangkok-membengkok China doll.

Mulut komut, komut mulut Tak Nak Tak Lena Imam Hadhari.

… during the regime of Slumberjack, they sold the highly profitable MAS Catering to Slumberjack's brother. Then MAS had no choice but to enter into a long term catering contract with the former "MAS Catering" now owned by Slumberjack's brother …

… the Indian boy's wife is a business partner of Slumberjack's daughter, whose husband is of course none other than Slumberjack's SIL. And Slumberjack is also the "Advisor" to MAS.

… one of Slumberjack's sister-in-laws (the sister of his late wife) has shares in Tune Air which is the major shareholder in Air Asia. And her shares in Tune Air are believed to be held through a proxy controlled by that Riong Kali fellow. Riong Kali is of course the business partner of the SIL in that taxpayer owned company that they hijacked from the EPF at below market prices under Slumberjack's regime... (OutSyed The Box, 14 March)

Mulut komut, komut mulut 1Malaysia (k)anak Bapak (Pembangunan).

 i-Think - gerak gempur, zero defect, anti-PPSMI.

my wife Permata 111.1M, GLC CEO 27M  my brother.

Mulut komut, komut mulut lembu budu.

… lembu condo fiasco was never approved by Cabinet. Why? Because it was never submitted for Cabinet approval. One Minister simply signed it away, using his authority. RM250 million - just like that... (OutSyed The Box, 14 March).

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