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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Abdullah Ambek was my primary Malay school teacher. He was smiling mild mannered man. Never saw him losing his temoper. Majid, a shorty with a gold plated tooth was a fierce teacher. He pinched my tummy several times. They teamed up with Mokhtar Hashim and (believed) did a number on Dato' Taha, ADUN of Gemencheh. Rumours had it that the latter was kebal and had to be shot through the balls! That was UMNO politics of yesteryears, principled, play by the gun not money or women.

The cancer of cronyism, promoting unqualified and/or corrupt leaders has reached terminal stage. "UMNO is now rotten to the core," Dr. Mahathir said. He also added that UMNO leaders are half-past six weaklings. UMNO is now desperate than ever for good leaders. They do not even know the criteria to choose from, at one time it was winnable candidates and now local heroes. Just say we want honest, qualified and peoples' candidates.

He is fingering at himself, so he admit it!

Remember, this rich fellow who rounded-up our cents but failed to foresee the long term ramifications. The rural folks whom he supposed to deal with live by the cents. Did he consult Bank Negara or Parliament? Its pointless to consult Najib, the Finance Minister who talk billions and disperse money like nobody else business.

Living by the shadow of his father for more than 30 years in politics of nothingness. Dare to renovate his residence for RM65M? At one time he proposed RM640M sports complex renovation in London! For whom?

I am everywhere and listen to you all but not to the Sultan of Johor or Mahathir on the scenic bridge. Bull! Beware of Scorpene or the ghost of Altanthuya.

This self-proclaimed samurai kontot said that the Parliament building is already 45 years old, leaky and millions need to be spent for repairs.

1Malaysia is proud to have a minister to administer the Parliament. Is it full of nincompoops and hooligans?

This Melanau is hooked on P. Ramlee just because he looked like him at one time!

To him the rest of Sarawak are whimps as such no one is qualified for CM-in-waiting even. He is overstaying his welcome. Cronyism corrupts.

The founder of Sarawak, the Brookes were benevolent rulers for all.

For many, till we die standing in politics.

L. As Minister of Education he is at lost on the language of knowledge hence anti-PPSMI. Alas, what future of our young holds by one dogmatic man! Yeah, I want your feedback on our education system. Another bull story.

R. His portfolio is monumental. Blame the leader-giver. The laptop fiasco has not ended yet. The Perpustakaan Negara is just another wing for PTDs/PTAs.

The Malay dilema is the bastardization of the Malays by the politics of half-past six leaders.

Variants of extreme bastardized Malays. Warning, it can make you vomit

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