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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Aiman, my friend from Syria called me this evening and said the situations are very bad in Syria  and asked for help to find a job in Malaysia. I told him that I have applied on his behalf seven companies (Petronas, Sapura-Kencana ...) that
advertised positions as instrumentation engineer. I keep on trying I said. On a previous e-mail I wrote that if things get really unliveable, he (and family) could come here.

I am not from his field of expertise so I have no contacts.  My  plea to anyone in the know in the blogoshere help Aiman find a job. Please contact me (Tel: 013 376 3858; email: His cv as below. Thank you.


Mobil: 00963 992 710088

- Physical Measurements Diploma from the university of Paris XI, 9/1986
- French Language Diploma, 6/1984
- Data Base & Visual Basic Programmer, addition of all Microsoft Window
Revisions, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project & AutoCad

+ English Language very good.
+ French Language very good.
+ Arabic Language native.

Management of:
+ Projects.
+ Electrical, PLC & Instrument Department.
+ QA/QC Department.

Preparation of:
+ Procedures and QC forms required for electrical & instrument project.
+ Required planning for project.

Supervision of:
+ Projects.
+ Work Safety
+ Laying & testing Cables
+ Installing the Electrical Equipments
+ Verification & Calibration Instruments (Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow), (Sensor, Indicator, Transmitter, Controller), Control valves, Safety valves & all

Kind of Valves
+ Installing the Instruments & all Kind of Valves as P&ID
+ Loop Diagram Verification.
+ Commissioning of equipment without load and on load within the parameters laid down by the supplier.

Work experience:
Cement plant (Tartous – SYRIA), with PHARAON GROUP Management
+ From 19/05/2008 to 31/01/2012

Resident Engineer, responsible of new erection section in plants
(erection of Stacker Re-Claimer, erection of new Fans, erection of 4 Bag Filters)

Responsibility from the civil foundation to the commissioning (turn key projects)

Gas plant and Pipe Line (Yamen), with TOTAL
+ From 01/10/2007 to 15/01/2008

As a QA/QC ELEC. & INST. Engineer. Cement plant (Beni-Saf – ALGERIA)
with PHARAON GROUP Management
+ From 15/07/2006 to 17/06/2007

Deputy Manager Instrumentation, responsible of department PLC – CMR (control monitoring regulating)

TOEC / Extension Power station (ZAIZON – SYRIA)
+ From 01/05/2006 to 10/07/2006

As a QA/QC ELEC. & INST. Engineer, with SNC LAVALIN / LEAD (Skikda-ALGERIA)
+ From 01/10/2004 to 31/01/2006 Power station with Combined Cycle 800 MW,

As a QA/QC ELEC. & INST. Engineer, with LEAD (SYRIA)
+ From 09/2003 To 27/9/2004 As Instrument Engineer

- OMAR Field, 6TH Water Injection Pump (OMAR FIELD)



- Olive Oil Syrian Project (TARTOUS)

Laboratory National Of Measurement & Calibration (SYRIA)
+ From 09/1995 To 04/2002: Measurement & Calibration Department,

As Chief of Department + Exploitation the Informatics Systems in Department.
+ From 10/1986 To 09/1995: Measurement & Calibration Department,

As Measurement Instrument’s Calibrator.

Personal Information: Latakia – SYRIA

Place & Date of birth : Damascus , 18/12/1961

Nationality: Syrian

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