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Monday, May 6, 2013


After 11x3 years of politics Najib is still oblivious to the coming of (Chinese) tsuami. He cannot  read the heart of the Chinese. They are fiercely independent people and believe in their own making to economic success.

Beyond the tidbits cajoled to them, they have their own priorities. Without outside help they can still manage well as exemplied in their school system. Much worse when they are at advanced stage of development, they feel that they do not owe BN anything.

The billions spent on adhoc giveaways is contrary to good leadership. It is abuse of taxpayers money, a large proportion  of which would come from (Chinese) businesses, manufactures, bankers, services ... Any  taxpayer will be flabergasted. If by floating money around can sway votes where is the two-third majority?

Najib is elitist. Right from the beginning he plans for great development in Klang Valley - akin to adding salt to the Dead Sea. Do  we see BN getting the votes in KL and towns? Yeah, Iskandar is bringing in tons of money. By whom? For whom? The Malays unable to cope with the onslaught, become marginalised are tempted with fast buck will sell their land. While LKS, after marauding in Penang and Perak is spreading the Middle Kingdom to Johore.

Development should be prioritized where it is needed more, the non-urbanites. It is nothing racial about it. His tongue is full of Felda much to the disgruntlement of other needy Malays. Even retired generals disgruntled and courted by the opposition.

The PRU13 saw opposition parties gaining strength in Najib's homestate. This attests his maligned acceptibility and standing among his own people. Rumours and controversies,  false or otherwise surround him and RM, his 'PERMATA' wife.

Najib calls for reconciliation. For what? For his substandard KPI outcome? Do not play the same swan song now that BN is given another chance.  Recycling  has beens is his keeping much like Dolah. The one-finger and other endless sloganeering do not transform anything, in fact the former is a 'poke eye' to borrow the army.

Pas and PKR add  to divisiveness among Malays. On the other hand they curb UMNO cronyism affording more Malay leadership sometimes displacing incumbent Chinese-BN held seats.

Automatic registration of voters will promote mass citizens' mandate, a strategic move for PRU14. The EC and leaders must see beyond the noses.

Will Dr. Mahathir fulfill his KPI on Najib?  There would be no more lainkalilah!

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