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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Founder of Freemason.

The eye of the devil, Lucifer (since the time of Egypt) is the main symbol of Freemasonry.

The crown, a symbol of power dominant in Illuminati which was established in 1776 by a German philosopher, Adam Weishaupt, a Mason. Six years later it worked jointly with Freemason. 

Below: One of the earliest postcard to be mailed from Malaya (from Bidor, Perak) in 1899 to England. The eye, crown, Egypt are drawn or written. The card was probably sent by a woman because she mentioned about Nephthys as Queen of the world.

Message on the card:
            VADE BYK.CVM                                                        Snap shots from Egypt

                                                                                NEPHTHYS QUEEN OF THE WORLD

         Tell me
           Is this the natural cause that a sign sic artist draws the full moon ever, but a part of it

                                                                   Salud   felicitacioues

        No 1775
        SUTTON                            "A NEW MOON"


What does a "A New Moon" means? Freemasons use secret symbols to identify or convey messages to members.

Is PKR using the symbol of the eye of Lucifer? Or by coincidence!

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