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Friday, July 21, 2017


One of Tun Daim's early business ventures was to produce natural salt from evaporation of impounded sea water, a cheap way to make money because of low initial cost. This failed because rainy weather - convectional and monsoonal rains do not give time for the sea water to dry out. Unlike Thailand it is possible to make salt because they have prolonged dry period during the year.

The advantage of salt from sea water is because of its iodine content that prevents goitre.

In inland areas such as the highland people of Sarawak in the Bekalalan area obtain mineral salt (garam bukit) from underground salt mine. 

Salt can be made from burned ashes of the nipah palm.  

Mounds of natural salt from sea water.

Evaporation of sea water collected during high tide in shallow circular basins (Africa) to obtain salt.

Stored salt to be put into sacks.

Slabs of salt waiting to be shipped (Africa).

An old town that thrived along salt trading route in the past (Africa).

A tourist town by a salt lake in Turkey.

The salt is made into cosmetic and health products for tourist market.

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