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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Zahid said that Mahathir made mistakes during his premiership. If he is premier again he would repeat the mistakes. He does not know what he is talking or just bullshitting to downplay Pakatan Harapan. 

What Zahid should know is that no one is perfect. Is he Mr Perfect? Even Nabi  Adam made mistakes. Is he is above nabi.  

Everbody make mistakes. Only a fool not to learn from mistakes and would repeat them. Mahathir is no fool instead many folds above the Mr. Bullshit. His mistakes are few much overweighed by his progressive developments for the country.

So what about Mr. Bullshit's mistakes:
1. He wanted to bring in 2,000,000 Bangladesh foreign workers without proper justifications as to the need and interest to the country. We have already 3,000,000 or more legal and illegal aliens. Bringing in would displace locals of jobs and create more employment. Najib being paranoid of IS elements shot the idea down at the last minute.  

What does Bangladesh feels about the matter. Empty promise. Inconpetent. Zahid's visit the Kutupalong Rohingyas was likely a cover to apologise to them. Anyway, what is the cut and who's who in the deal. Does the death of his son-in-law in strange circumstances ring any note!

2. During one his UMNO speeches Zahid flashed a fake ID card of Mahathir indicating that he is a mamak of Kerala. He would stoop down so low!

3. Zahid's RM230M cash asset was suspect in his declaration during Mahathir's time. Was it a donation just like Najib benefited? Mahathir should have pursued the matter as to the origin of that much amount of money. Zahid was the Chairman of Bank Simpanan Nasional at one time.

4. He pronounced that Syiah is not Islam in Parliament. Is he declaring the Iranians are kafirs? Who is this guy to play god? 

5. Early in political career he got physical and slapped someone in public. The case was brought to court and settled out-of-court. Is it a good example for a politician? 

6. Ask some people in UKM how was his PhD performance.

7. He has no historical sense and legacy. Bagan Datoh renamed to Bagan Datok (datoh sounds like jatoh!). I had visited the haphazard small by the coast town. Proof enough that Zahid acted like a gangster. He has forbidden certain factions of people to enter his constituency. 

8. The latest bull is that as Home Minister he forbid Mahathir to Anwar in the hospital. So much for democracy. Malaysia is a police state.

Come GE14 the gravest mistake will be on him. He will be history!

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  1. Dude...this worst than clown, jahid, I cringed listening to his speech at the UN stage...not long ago.

    You should start doing the numbers how many times this taiko-jawa has to bendover to declare his loyalty to the Chief-Thief!