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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bakun: May 19 2010

By al-Din on May 19, 2010 7:17 PM

The megawatt of Bakun has led to megawhat? The loss of billions that is. The rakyat will suffer. PNB will suffer losses and thus our Amanah Saham dividends.

The dawn raid of Guthrie (part of Sime Darby) in the London's market in Tun's time has turned into a grand oblivion. Only Zubir sacked? The elegant pretender, musang hitam berbulu ayam, the killer of Memali should go Japanese style - commit harakiri.

Malaysia is fortunate that Anwar and Musa, two anachronistically ambitious individuals did not become PM by the grace of Allah and thanks to Tun. The score for Tun is effectively +2-1= +1.

In the process of empowering Sarawak with megawatts, I lost some RM10k. The coal power plant set in Mukah (again by the China dolls) took my 3.5ac beautiful land by the South China Sea. The state's compensation was celah gigi. DAP won.

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