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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOangkawi O' Langkawi: May 17 2010

By al-Din on May 18, 2010 10:26 PM

Awad is a small Mediterranean island off the coast of Syria. It is rocky and thus naturally bare. It is historical because the Greeks were there before. Now, it is a popular tourist site for locals and also for fishermen to land their catch.

Of the other exotic Mediterranean islands on the European side, not only the islands but the holidaymakers, picnickers etc (Tun excluded!) are bare or almost! That was not the reason for a VC of a major local university signed a MoU with a university in Malta, of all places? He was on cloud nine!

Between islands and highlands, I prefer the latter for the reason of its climate. However, the parallel betwen them is that their ecosystems are unique and delicate. Space delimit the islands. The hills and mountains on the islands/highlands are prone to erosion when the vegetation are heavily disturbed or removed.

To manage people - administrators, contractors and laymen must know geography. The power of geography is that it can destroy or rejuvenate depending on who uses it.

Much of the time untrained people are given the job to develop and manage infrastructural and beautification projects. Look at Teluk Muroh, Lumut - concretised groundscape with giant lembing regalia pointing to the sky!

Understanding and discipline are crucial towards keeping a greener environment. One evening, while camping I was apprehended by the KOA campground manager for picking pieces of dead branches to be used for firewood!

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