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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

high income economy: oct 26 2010

By al-Din on October 28, 2010 10:39 AM

Pos Malaysia has already on a fast track to be in the high income economy. For many years ordinary postage was 30 sen then suddenly jumped to 80sen. This is a rip-off for their incompetency. I asked the counter girl at Batu Gajah if she is getting any raise. No. So the high income is not trickling to the lower staff. Are they going to replace the CEO? "Dunno", the girl replied.

Young bright graduates are known for their idealism and dreams. Many want to be a millionaire by 40 and retire to travel and relax. Many a sweet young thing (syt) want to marry the rich, be happy and raise children. Many of the not so young go for datuks. The elderly rural folks want their children to be well off hoping they get sponsorship to do hajj.

The point is that citizens want to be in the high income bracket. Individually, it is more doable if one has the knowledge and willing to work hard. It is the efforts of people, the building blocks of society that finally lead the nation to prosperity. It is not so much of a nation-imposed phenomenon.

It augurs well for everybody if the nation attains a meaningful and balanced high income economy. The foundation, policies and strategies to do so must be in placed. We have yet to fully enhance human capital to reap knowledge economy. Workers must be assured of minimum wages in accordance to the job specifications and categories. The elderly, above 60 (as in Australia) must be given welfare. These are just of examples of what high income economy should cater also.

We are blessed with abundance of natural resources, equitable climate and human diversity. The credo is sustainable living at own level of attainment and taking care of the environment. The abode of peace is here.

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