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Thursday, November 25, 2010

najib's barefoot index: nov 24 2010

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Since corporatised, TNB main interest is money making and spend it on themselves. Service comes second. Many of its new offices are overly impressive/expansive/expensive eg. Bidor, Bangi...

TNB is not into promoting solar power as it deems conflict of interest. Solar power would lead to less dependence of consumers on the grid and hence reduced income for TNB.

Way back in 1989, my business friend and I showed the then DG, Ahmad Tajuddin a model solar panel (with built in inverter) ready to be connected to the house grid.

And before that I had visited their main research center at Bangi again talking to the director about solar power for the interior orang asli dwellings.

A couple of years after that they set up another research center especially on (solar/alternative?) energy across the road from the main one. It is as if they are really serious about solar energy!

In Europe and elsewhere grid-connected solar power has been in operation for years. They have less sun power whereas here we have it in superabundance but lack the will power!

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