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Friday, February 4, 2011

thye domino effect: feb 3 2011

By al-Din on February 4, 2011 2:32 AM

" is worthwhile to remember that change is not always for the better. It is incumbent upon those bent on effecting change to have some idea about the kind of Governments they want. Otherwise they may get the same kind of Governments that they try so hard to be rid off. This is because most leaders upon achieving power would change and would forget the struggles and sacrifices which enabled them to be in power. Power corrupts as we all know." - sounds familiar with Malaysia.

Here the domino would tumble (not neccessarily in such order):

Sarawak - cronies control state resources; oppose if you dare if not politically killed; no one yet capable to take over; overstayed his welcome.

Melaka - corrupt but why keep him as CM?

Selangor - much screwed up - MB is puppet on the strings; Mat Broom kissed his mother's hand and take all; Mike Tyson jet set with money bags

Terengganu - projects childish, bankcrupt soon, dumbest governance ever

N.S. - 10million ringgit man play money changer

Kelantan - nutty guru blinded by his sarban

In essence we are not far off from the domino effect - Sudan, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Albania, Afghanistan, Pakistan ...

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