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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

changing regime: 28 feb 11

By al-Din on March 1, 2011 1:28 PM

The great Muslim shame – greed and delusion of power. Sock it to the punch bag, the rakyat (didahulukan). Powerless. People arise and got bloodied.

The Arabs have no choice but revolt. They had been at the pinnacle of civilization. Yearning for respect in the eyes of the world but time and again humiliated by external forces and worse by their own people.

Oil-rich but poor. High income economy but poverty. Nation’s wealth controlled by cronies.

Regime change they must. No doubt the problems are complex:

1. The whole political, economic and security systems need to be revamped. Widespread corruption to be overhauled and culprits brought to justice.
2. The economy is in disarray and food scarce.
3. Revenge, witch-hunts and executions will happen.
4. Vultures flying in the sky and setting strategies to secure oil supply – US, Israel, EU, UN, IMF ...
5. We need experts on the Middle East.
6. Tun Dr Mahathir – for Prime Minister of Bahrain!

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