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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

changing regime: feb 28 11

By al-Din on March 1, 2011 9:59 PM
Regime change is here. Bastardization (to borrow Nazir's) of the governance system is led by none other than the leader himself.

1. What a corrupt policy giving money pre by-elections. Isn't that buying votes? Legacy of the sleepy-head!
- 10m for Kerdau. It appears that the basic infrastructure of water supply is substandard. It did not happen yesterday but has been that way for years. Who is not doing their job?
- what about the millions for Sibu, Tenang, Merlimau ...?

2. If the above is the way it should work than we should opt for more by-elections. The deadwood politicians should retire or die. Only then development will come in (provided BN win).

3. Whose money is that? I left IJN they get 5m! Renovate my residence 65m.

4. 27m to renovate Kg Baru mosque - failed to see what Kg Baru really need, wholesome development and not to put wool over our eyes and hence to take the heat away from the 65m renovation work. Mudah sahaja hendak diamkan orang Melayu - kelemahan mereka agama, masjid. The mosque may need renovation but more things could be done with that kind of money.

5. The ETP, high income economy and Permata are but a farce. The beneficiaries are not the ordinary people but the previleged and elites. The cost of living is sky-rocketting. Abundant food and rice is what the rakyat need.

6. First lady and Eva Peron approach doesn't work here.

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