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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Nazir believes that he got it made as Malaysia's top banker and CEO by sheer hardwork all by himself. His heritage (father especially) or brother have no influence whatsoever leading to his success and hence richness. Justifiably he could look down on other Malays below that depend and make use of DEB (NEP) out of neccessity. They are deemed  weaklings and opportunists. 

CIMB is but a GLC!

Don't we know that there are crooks somewhere that abuse such a privilege. Nazir summed up the whole affair of affirmative action as bastardization of DEB.

Is the government not be blamed partly for whatever mismanagement and misregulation in implementing the DEB?

Now his brother, Najib believes the same thing. I am what I am due to my merit and hardwork! The 30% quota is a hindrance to Malay progress and got to be abolished. It is the scourge of bastardization of the Malays. Yes, he could say that for being up there on top. Was the matter discussed beforehand among cabinet members or UMNO Supreme Council? Has he become an authoritarian?

Every now and then Felda settlers receive durian runtuh? Why the discrimination against other rural folks and land settlers?

Is he assuming that all Malays now and the new generation is on the similar level playing field? My father was a rubber tapper and my mother toiled the padi fields. I owe the country for giving me a chance to better myself. Considering my non-stellar academic performance without DEB I would not qualify for overseas education. Dr. Mahathir said on a similar vein. Are there no more rubber tappers in the country? How about sons and daughters of laboures, nasi lemak sellers, padi planters and other menial and low income earners?

For whom actually? His own political survival?

A bastardized Malay?

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