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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Accept the fact that part of Najib's foreign policy is to pay a visit to the Pope at Vatican - a visible event that may or may not add to his political mileage. He thinks it does at the same time to wash himself, feet and all after the recent bible furor.

Vatican City is the world's smallest country within the city of Rome devoted to the spiritual guidance and temporal management the Roman Catholic Church. The state's monarch, the Pope reigns as the Vicar of Christ.

It is "costly religious Disneyland" according to Vatican observer Paul Hoffman.

The piazza of St Peter (L) was designed by Bernini in the mid-17th century. The Church of St Peter (R front) adjoints the piazza.

Frescoes in the Sala Regia, the royal reception room was done by Giorgio Vasari among others in 1538.

Gathering of the College of Cradinals (1985), advisers and electors of the popes since the late 11th century. Of more than 150 cardinals only a few live in Vatican City, others are in their native lands.

N.B. Don't mistaken me that I was with his entourage!

Reference: National Geographic, 1985.

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