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Monday, October 17, 2011


1Finger is being iconised more than ever before it must run thick in the traditions of many cultures. Never struck my mind before to trace the early history of the pointing and poking 1Finger. A moot point to dwell anyway.

Apparently, 1Finger was found much recorded in western culture. To the orient pointing the finger is crude and rude what more giving the finger.

Perhaps Adam the first man created on earth could have used the finger to point the forbidden fruit to Hawa! Walla hu alam.

Drawing from a 13th-century manuscript, Plato pointing and scratching Socrates's back.

Socrates known for philosophy was said to be able to foretell the sex of a yet-unborn child.

During the Last Supper, one of the disciples purportedly gave a finger.

Basil 1 (867-886), a Macedonian was a wise emperor during the climax of the Byzantium Empire. He gave the 1Up sign.

"I want to finger out to you that have your head on your chest!". That was how the monks of 12th century viewed the denizens of the Orient. These 2 were supposedly from India!

Louis IX of France gave the finger while sailing to Africa crusading to invade Jerusalem by way of Egypt.

Dealing in currency, Italian bankers accept pledges for coins - Byzantine and Arab as well as European. Their loan services were vital to commerce in town and at fairs. They were doing finger counting.

Albuquerque gave the warning finger that Malacca would perish and true enough in 1511.

21st century poke the 1Finger in part II coming!

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