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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


TS Sanusi Junid, the maverick and enigma.

When he was Menteri Pertanian he put forward many ideas that set minds to ponder and think to promote agriculture and improve farmers' livelihood.

His air kelapa muda campaign has been a roaring success. Now, we can enjoy the nutritious, cool air kelapa at many roadside stalls and pasar malam. Lorry loads of kelapa muda are seen on the roads being transported to various market places. The price of cocnuts has gone up considerably.

MARDI was his launching pad for new ideas to experiment on.

We have not enough rice in production and land getting scarce so plant rice on rooftops, Sanusi said!
MARDI complied with experimenting that idea at its research station at Bumbong Lima. Under certain circumstances the technology could be viable perhaps.

TS Sanusi on his visit to MARDI  Hilir Perak  station with former DG of MARDI (2nd R) explaining, 1989.

TS Sanusi's biodata speaks volumes of him:

- Sekolah Melayu Yan, Kedah (1950-1953);
- Ibrahim School Sungai Petani, Kedah (1954-1956);
- MCKK (1957-1963);
- Assistant Scount Master 1st Kuala Kangsar Scouts;
- Berlitz School of Languages, City of London College, London School of Economics, and Hamburg University of West Germany for Associateship of the Institute of Bankers (London) and the Institute of Exports and Marketing;
- Member of UMNO since 13 October, 1963;
- Information Officer of Alliance Club, London (1969); 
- Secretary General of Malaysian Association of Youth Club - MAYC - (1971);
- President of MAYC (1972-2002);
- Founder Vice-President of ABIM (1971-1973)( Founder President of ABIM is Prof. Dr. Ghazali Nawawi now attached to the International Islamic University Malaysia);
- Manager of The Chartered Bank up to 1977;
- Chairman of SHAMELIN (1975-1977);
- General Manager of SHAMELIN (1977-1978);
- Member of Parliament (1974-1995);
- Secretary General of UMNO (1984-1988);
- Vice President of UMNO (1990-1993);
- State Assemblyman of Kedah (1995-2004);
- Deputy Minister (1978-1981;
- Cabinet Minister (1981-1995);
- Menteri Besar of Kedah (1996-1999);
- Professor of Nanjing University, China;
- President of International Islamic University Malaysia (2000-2008)

LOVE OF BOOKS - 20,000 volume in his library collection.

i) Perhaps one reason why Sanusi’s peers could not see eye to eye with him is that he had a different plane of thought. An intellectual on many counts, Sanusi was exposed to so many other worlds, concepts and philosophies, thanks to his voracious appetite for books.

ii) ‘He reads on every subject; he knows the latest film,’ says Rozai. ‘Ten years ago, he was already talking about genomes and nanotechnology.’ Sanusi, he says, would often explain to his staff things he read.

iii) ‘I read many books at the same time; some books I haven’t finished in the past 10 years,’ Sanusi says. “I read a book, and it mentions nanotechnology, then my next book would be nanotechnology.’

iv) Sanusi has his own personal library, with more than 20,000 books neatly organised, housed just a few doors away from where he lives. He reads in the car, in waiting rooms and airports.

v) It is not surprising then that Sanusi is an active advocate for the reading habit. His previous projects include a citizen’s reading centre, Pubara, at Paya Pahlawan in Jitra and a book village, Kampung Buku Malaysia, in Lubuk Semilang, Langkawi.

Of common interest TS Sanusi's with Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), the third President of US is their love and collection of books. Both are learned men.

Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, 1776. Assuming the office of the Presidency in 1801, he acquired Louisiana for the US (1803) and retired in 1809.
He was an extraordinary learned man whose interests in the arts and sciences were wide ranging.

The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. began in 1815 with the private collection of Jefferson's 6,760 volumes. Today it contains, millions of books, documents, maps and other items.

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