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Thursday, December 15, 2011


The 1500ac (ha) NFC project in Gemas run by Sharizat's family borders the Ladang UMNO Sg. Dua.

Circa 1960 UMNO allocated young rubber-planted land 6ac each to landless kampong folks in Kg. Sg. Dua. It was through this helping-the -people project that my late father (L) becambe landed from being a landless sharecropper tapping rubber. When the trees became tappable our life improved from sheer poverty. Later another 2ac were added to each project member to build a new kampong.

Thus, in the early years UMNO was really for the people. Members in turn sacrifice and work for UMNO almost for nothing.

Lately, UMNO has bastardized the Malays. It has been hijacked to be propel leaders to power and of misplaced dreams. Service to uplift all Malays, regardless of being UMNO members or not has been neglected.

Such is the case with the NFC grand project of RM250 million that lacks proper government jurisdiction. When abuses are found to be taking place Shahrizat denies having any ties with the project run by her husband and children. Is she not sharing the same pillow and bed with her spouse?

Leaders directly connected with approving the huge sum of money and land for the NFC project on easy terms are keeping mum denying any responsibility.

The honourable thing to do for Shahrizat to step down. The mistake is too grevious for UMNO and the country.

Najib seems to let the public make the judgement and pass the sentence. Hence, in the eyes of the people he is a meek leader. He talks about being a game changer, he is not walking the talk. Is he playing the game that the Malays have no choice to survive but to vote UMNO?

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