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Thursday, March 7, 2013


The father of transformation of endless possibilities and sloganeering.

Pope first, next Mekah! An archdiocese granted for Malaysia.

In 2010, did he sign the 10-point solution letter to Bishop Malaya releasing the Indonesian Malay Bible with kalimah from Port Kelang?

Al Jib Gor proudly twitted from Mekah, remember you all.

Blessed by Murugan?

11 my feng shui, Dolah 13 - we see different astrologers!

Among the farce he created.


After >11x3 years of politics in the shadows of Tun Razak, he is still clueless -

i) Felda dismembered
ii) PPSMI rejected
iii) ISA abolished (yes, he listened)
iv) Minimum wage fiasco
v) Keep deadwoods and recycled has-beens
vi) RM65million official residence refurbishment
vii) Cost of living  doubled.
viii) RM100millions budgeted for Permata's programme for the elites
ix) Massive elitist-centred development projects in KL instead of prioritising needs of the rural rakyat.

He thinks the Causeway is longer than the world's longest bridge in China. He is blind to reasons and cannot see beyond his nose.

Subservient, who hold the dosiers on him and Dolah, Singapore, CIA?

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