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Friday, March 27, 2015


The Malays deserve what they get, yesterday and today out of their own doings, ignorance, and habits. In the yore, infighting amongst members of the royalty and misgovernance weakened their rule exposing the states to intrigues and takeovers by outsiders such as happened in Pulau Pinang and Singapura. 

Now, we have a misfit running down the country. As it is the Malays are already sidelined in the economy. 

Raffles, the first to sideline the Malays was systematically followed by LKY being continued by his son and whoever that will govern the island state. Singapore is the only part of the Nusantara that is not Malay based anymore.

And our nincompoop at his best is proud of durian diplomacy! To hell with Pulau Batu Putih, Tg Pagar railway, Woodlands naval base, as easy as that!

Plan of the town of Singapore. (From J. Crawford's 'Embassy to Siam. 1828')


Singapore harbour. From junks to maritime supremo.

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