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Monday, August 29, 2016


The Kelabit Highlands located in the mountains bordering Kalimantan in northeast Borneo is a paradise out of nowhere.

Apart from the Kelabits, there are the Lun Bawang, Saban, Penan, and Kenyah communities living there. Ba' Kelalan (northern tip of map below) is where some apple is being grown.

The Highlands is accessible by Twin Otter flights from Miri. It is pitiful that there is no proper road built except for timber track to to such a pleasant location.

The new airport at Bario, the hub of the Kelabit Highlands.

Bario township showing the community centre (red rooftop). Without a good road to the Highlands it is difficult and expensive to bring supplies and provide infrastructure.

Padi fields that produce the famous Bario rice.

Buffaloes are used as work animals in the padi fields.

The Kelabit version of longhouse.

Elderly Kelabit women.

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