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Monday, August 1, 2016


Crime and justice - the natural order and law of things to keep peace.

The Malaysian Official 1 is a kleptomaniac. His (mis)experience of more than 32 years as a politician has perfected his game of corruption and covering scandalous ways. 

Greed has driven MO1 to dizzying heights. Go for the billions. Alang2 menyolok pekasam biar sampai kepangkal lengan. He must be planning for the kill many years ago as to who and who to assist him.

He misjudged the power of the internet that news can spread to every nook and corner of the globe within minutes.  He has been caught with pants down. Now the whole world knows what a pariah he is.

To land's end for the man with the moneybag.

He wants to play Yankee-doodle-doo with Uncle Sam - play golf in Hawaii, splash (ill-gotten) wealth in New York and Los Angeles, jet setting from coast to coast.  

Do you know than Uncle Sam can smell (good or bad) money wherever you hide it? He'll get you. US1 billion value of assets has been seized from 1MDB. 

Najib plays the innocent game. Obama is happy with that. You know why? There is another trump card on their sleeves. Democracy. Najib is against democracy and stands to be rectified.  

Najib dares to make fools of the U.S. by saying that MO1 is not him. So he wants them to pin him down in full force with guns and bombs.  Malaysia will be the 55th state then. Hooray, hooray!

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