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Friday, December 9, 2016


Najib will be charged

The next stage is then proceeded with at leisure and thoroughly, as the criminal indictments are carefully prepared. Senior insiders have confirmed to Sarawak Report that   in any money laundering offence it is a matter of principle that all the known perpetrators are charged, whether they are themselves in the United States, whether they are US citizens or whoever they are in terms of rank.

Najib was not named in the sequestration, because it was not through his name that the assets seized were held.  However, his lawyers will have warned him that the order in July plainly confirmed his key role in the conspiracy to steal money from Malaysia and then to commit the further offence of laundering it through the United States.

Put simply, the evidence against Najib is overwhelming and legions of bankers and collaborators are now cooperating with the FBI investigation to firm up that evidence.  He will therefore be named and a warrant of arrest will be issued and Malaysia will be requested to extradite him to the USA to face those charges.

Najib knows this, but is trading off the ignorance of Malaysians, who are being told by BN’s controlled media that since he has not been named in the asset seizure order he will not be named in the subsequent criminal charges.

Najib is also trying to gull ignorant Malaysians into believing that somehow ‘Trump will pull the dogs off’. This is not how the system works in the United States, which is a country where justice operates independently of politicians and follows the due process of the law. There is also a free media, which would fall upon the scandal of Trump intervening in such a case…. and why should Trump bother anyway?

The US DOJ has issued several warrants for politically powerful people around the world, solely on the basis of the crimes they have committed. Indeed, to fail to charge the ringleader, who personally received a billion dollars from the crime, would be deemed unacceptable if other charges were to be laid against lower players (unlike the ‘whipping boy’ system which operates in Malaysia and which has so far protected Najib from numerous local criminal matters).

(extracted from Fudzail)

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