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Monday, December 19, 2016


Najib's stupidity is that he underestimated the power of the internet. News spread within seconds  and damage control becomes difficult. During snail mail age, he could hide misdeeds and the skeletons in the closet. Judging by his masterly daring do to raid billions of the nation's coffer, he must have been bilking this country  during 40 years in politics. 

Now the game is up. The billions he swindled into his bank account is general knowledge for all and sundry, proven to last sen by DOJ. He has become an international pariah. The country is in shame especially when we are deemed paralysed to bring him to justice. Do we owe a favour from The U.S?

The ensuing mess he has done to the country and rakyat are very damaging both in the short and long term. Still in denial mode, he and many UMNO goons have tied themselves tight at the neck by their own rope. 

As things are getting desperate for survival, Najib's measures are becoming draconian and dictatorial. The ship is sinking and he will be first to jump ship.

To clear all the mess Najib created, (a blessing in disguise) the rakyat must take the opportunity to hang all them goons high at one go. This presents   an opportune moment and a way out for the country to save its honour and start afresh on a strong footing.


The masses want Najib to get lost.

Malaysians knew about this since last year except for the few clowns who thought otherwise
Can Najib answer this without invoking God’s name or some non-existent Arab Prince?

Division Chief on payroll (makan dedak) 
An UMNO Division Chief, Zaharin Mod Yasin from Bandar Tun Razak district in KL, has openly acknowledged on Facebook how Najib personally handed him so many fat cheques that he can’t remember how many he received or presumably how much they added up to!
Posting on his publicly accessible page just a few days ago on December 14th, Zaharain even included photographs of two of these cheques.
Both are signed with the by now very familiar signature of the Prime Minister and are for the princely sum of RM200,000 (cUS$70,000). 

(extracted from various sources)

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