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Friday, September 8, 2017


Don't you heed what the DOJ, WSJ etc. say about MO1 soil your proud American dignity? 

This SOB got it made (the American Dream) from Malaysia using people's money and launder it big time in NY and LA. 

Since when Uncle Sam convivial and conniving?

Kick his arse. If the nincompoop step in the White House that will be the day. 

Even the Pyongyangs will laugh at you. That bloke is fit for cannon fodder. Blast him to kingdom come.  

If you can't handle the bum don't threaten us with missiles or what. We got this mother of all nuclear heads ready beyond Guam! 

You can keep him (and Bic Mama) for good. We don't need that goddamn pair.

I resign!

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