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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Europe in recession: 23 Apr 2010

By al-Din on April 24, 2010 12:01 AM

Religion, the very foundation of humanity and civilisation has long gone in the west. With that everything else - morality, economy will collapse. Of course this won't happen overnight but the signs are ominous now than ever.

EU will save Greece financially at all costs for it is a member of the community. Besides, they owe the Greeks for their thoughts, philosophy and tenets of civilisation.

The west coined terms albeit put-down such as the third world or developing copuntries. It makes them easier to exploit the world resources and poorer (inferior) people and nations for their high living.

For centuries, the east has been subjected to various forms of slavery and many a times at the point of a gun. If the west have been less wasteful and lived simply others will simply live. The world's resources would last longer for more people.

China is the upcoming super-power. But the country in the east with a proven track record of being sustainable through the centuries is Japan.

They have rised from atomic devastation. The country is in good governance, technologically advanced and leaders have foresight. The people are hard-working, discipline, highly educated, and have good values. Their scientists are everywhere with programs to help needy nations. They cracked the rice genome. Their youth are even doing community work at Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Here, at all levels whether in politics or governance are filled with recycled leaders, some just incapable while others corrupt. In Japan they quit or commit harakiri.

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