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Monday, April 12, 2010

Perlembagaan vs pelaksanaan menekan bumiputra: Apr 11 2010

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Our leader now says that we are rentiers and petronage suckers. Two new putdown words. At the major level aren't GLCs are rentiers and petronage personified of the supposedly Malay-controlled government? Look who's who at CIMB.
SEDCs control and rent out so much state land. So what is he talking about? Putting catchwords without deep thinking.

Anyway what's wrong with rentier and petronage as a business strategy especially in a global market. Business agents have been used since time immemorial. I can't possibly manage my farm at CHighlands by remote control. So I rent it out.

We want to believe and follow leaders who do and say meaningful and rational things. What a compliment he gave to Robert Lau (just passed away) 'Toilet King' when he put all-out campaign for cleaner toilets! Don't he has a better term? Cakap terengkak-engkak.

Look what Tan Siew Sin did for his people. When the British were leaving many of their plantations were for sale. The estates were cleverly fragmented into holdings or units of 10acres or larger and thus affordable for the Chinese. They got the best land with infrastructure in placed. What I got from the MALAY YB who approved the lease of land for agriculture is 5 years!

Tun Razak gave the whole of Genting for a gambling hub. That income is unavoidably mixed-up with the national coffer. How is that we declare Malaysia is an Islamic country? Siapa yang kaya. Tanggunglah.

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