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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I don't know why they hate us: 23 July 2010

By al-Din on July 23, 2010 7:54 PM

Darwinism's "survival of the fittest" animalistic in origin has been the west's axiom wrongly ingrained and juxtaposed in their humaninistic framework. Animals do not think per se but humans do. That is the biggest difference to be embraced towards human survivalism.

War is business. The west wants the world in constant tension, hate and turmoil. Becoming paranoid of neighbours nation-states race to buy more weaponry. 'Prosper thy neighbour'is less of a prospect.

The west realised their stupidity of killing among themselves during the two World Wars. Hence, becoming wiser what better targets to look for but the Muslim states, weaken them and exploit their resources - animalistic Darwinism at work. To them killing is becoming habitual. Killing is nothing compared to a life of a dog.

In terms of war technology the US established a War College and also the Ministry of War. That was more than a century ago and from them evolved the sophistications. By now they are the masters of the art of war be it open or psychological. The latter is a potent machiney of disinformation, lying, espionage and assassinations.

It come to a stage that 'kill' is their jargon to stop the BP oil leak. Now they have to 'kill' the on-coming hurricane!

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