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Friday, July 16, 2010

Khazanah: 13 July 2010

By al-Din on July 14, 2010 9:51 AM

Najib still maintains that Sime Darby and Pos Malaysia are financially stable (Star, today). That may be so. Is he purposely evading the greater issue: What happened to the billions lost? Without the losses both giants will be in a much better state. He must get the culprits to resign. The elegant pretender is still in a state of denial.

Najib has been in politics far too long since his father's days. He knows how to twist and turn as it is a common practice for politicians. They know the rakyat may disagree but powerless and hence forced to agree to be disagreeable. By the next day the rakyat will forget clouded by more issues purposely raised by the politicians to cover yesterday's mistakes.

Khazanah is floating on money and is on cloud nine. Losses in the fishing venture would not ground them. I read in the papers then that the technology was from Sweden/Norway. Beautiful blondes there eh! Some crooks stand to gain even the project failed. I know of a failed Bursa listed company, the directors are multi-millionaires.

For RM4 I will buy the fishing gear at the Langkawi Boustead boatyard! Boustead, once a foreign-owned before and famous too. Has the Malays did a number to the company?

Tun knows very well the anxiety and pangs for the Malay's shortcomings. Otherwise he won't write 'The Malay Dilemma', shed tears during the UMNO General Assembly, got rid of the Sleepyhead, blogging to unblock ... May Allah grant you long healthy life.

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