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Sunday, June 5, 2011


At 18 years old, 1957 John Lennon was just a quarry man. He had some experience in singing in the church choir.

He teamed up with George Harrison and began to get bootleg recordings in Liverpool, 1960.

In 1960, John and his band made their wild stint at Club Indra, Hamburg, Germany.
In 1961 they were at Liverpool making local hits in cavern and clubs and a year later made their first recording. In 1963, Beatlemania was born with their top two songs. "I want to hold your hands" became the top five songs in USA. John married Yoko Ono in March 1969.

Perchance I have in possession a visitors' book of C. Highlands kept by the Tourist Promotion Association based in Tanah Rata dated between 5.7.1963 to 22.9.1965. (The visitors' book was available from Basrai Brothers, 173 Batu Rd, KL or 5 Chulia St, Singapore).

This means that the book was fully signed-in almost 10 years before my first assignment as a MARDI researcher at C. Highlands, April 1973-Dec 1973. A later sojourn spanned six years, 1990-1996.

Registration of earliest and latest entries in the Visitors' Book

On the empty fore page was written in blue ballpen ink as below. Most likely someone played a practical joke to sign-in as John Lennon when the Beatlemania just began. The idea is preposterous that John Lennon ever come to C.Highlands. In the last empty page of the visitors' book was signed J/S Chaplin, 111 Rochester Rd, Surrey, England and perhaps he was the one who was pulling the leg.
To verify my curiousity I wrote to John Lennon's website by no reply.


  1. Baiti, my comments can't get thru in your postings.

  2. doc,
    salah orang kot.
    itu Johan Leman lah dari kampung majidi, johor
    memang u suka kumpul old documents, ya doc?

  3. Sdr Reme,
    harus ada orang main olok2. Kalau betul dia datang jom hebohlah CH. Tapi mana tahu dia datang diam2 incommuninado sebelum famous dalam perjalanan kemana2 ke! CH is England of the East.

    Am notataker and notakeeper as well! Ha, ha.

  4. I can't figure out why.
    Anyway, check Lennon's handwriting for authenticity.

  5. Baiti,
    The book should be interesting. Would like to get copy. E-mail or sms me as per Apr 4th posting 'Tilapia dan jatropha'. Thanks.

    Don't think I would make good in translating the book. You could do a better job because you have been in that setting before.