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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Diamonds are for ever. The surest way to a woman's heart.

Being a self-proclaimed first lady she has them plenty of diamonds but wants more. PERMATA, for  RM111.1 million of Petronas money, for the elite. This source need to be guarded,

Thus, Petronas diSidekan oleh Najib. Also, good for both Pahang men to further delay PRU13. There is enough flak already to cool down.

There will more time for us to prepare for the Mother of All Bersihs, Bersih 5. Spittum red.

Berkins are the next next choice to the woman's heart. Is it?

Me think, shoes are better, not bags. The high heels ones are sexier. But they are for sexy people not plump ones.  The heels will break and down she fell.

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