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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Prepare for Bersih 5, the Mother of All Bersihs. Redder than ever. Bloodier red. Red T-shirt. Red bandana.

The spittum red. Lips red. Toungues red. Chew the sirih and the spittum for Bersih 5 will be red.

Prepare your chewable sirih. A slice of betel nut and gambir  rolled in a lime coated daun sirih.

Practice spitting to the furthest with the deepest breathe. Hit the target whom you think should be.

Chewing sirih is a common pastime of Indians, Malays, various ethnics of Sarawak and Sabah, Orang Asli. It is becoming less common now.

As the song goes "Sekapur sirih, seulas pinang ...."

L:  "Sirih balik kejunjung"  the saying goes.

There are two types of sirih - sirih kampung and sirih keling. The latter has bigger, softer leaves and yellowish in colour, less pungent.

L: An antique sirih box (tepak sirih) with containers for betelnut, lime, gambir all of silver.

During the days of the Malacca Sultanate, a list of people was kept as to who were entitled to receive the sultan's sirih box.

An intricate silver betelnut container dated 1717 belonging to Tunku Kamariah of Kelantan royalty (L).

Sorry for the diversion into the cultural stuff!

When is the day of reckoning for the Mother of All Bersihs? It should be sometimes before PRU 13.

As to where to gather and spit the spittum, the foremost place is Petronas Twin Towers. Why? Petronas diSidekan oleh Najib.

As to other main gathering points for the spittum - Putrajaya, Pekan, Jelebu, Kota Tinggi, Permatang Pauh, Seremban, Rembau, Malacca, Padang Rengas, Kota Bharu, Jelutong, Mukah, Kuching and everywhere else deem fit.

The one who spit the spittum furthest and most accurate will be given a handsome prize.

One more thing, don't use too much betelnut unless you want to get high!

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