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Thursday, August 16, 2012


“Rice is so ingrained in the psychology of our people that we cannot suggest eliminating it. It is precisely because it is so important to us that we have a constructive starting point to develop interest and involvement in producing more and better rice, more cheaply and efficiently.”

Tun Abdul Razak Hussin, 18th April 1968

Padi field at the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu (L).

Buffaloes for work and meat supply then.

Mechanised planting (L) at Seberang Perak;  manual transplanting (R).

Traditional (L) and new (R) varieties.

Research resulted in high yielding varieties (L). Sanusi Junid's novel idea of integrated planting of rice on rooftop and poultry rearing below (R).

Harvesting hill padi, Sarawak (L), lesong kaki to pound padi (R), Museum Pasir Salak. These processes are highly mechanised now.

Climate change or inefficient water conservation result in water shortage (L).

Malaysia produces less than 70% of its rice needs. With increase in population, land conversion and degradation, much talk about self-sufficiency for years, lack of political will - our own supply of staple food is set to decline. Will the nation ever rise? Let those generations after us take the hindmost, yeah!


  1. The PM must take concrete steps to further materialise Tun Razak's vision on rice. Foremost on the agenda should be to revamp rice research by establing a comprehensive board the like of MPOB to spearhead focus, innovativeness, budget, human capacity for development of rice in total. MARDI's efforts, though have met some success but not in terms of overall growth of the industry.

  2. Our nation is still sleeping with best dream of making easy money ... our politic drives us to move on bypassing basic needs.