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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hitler and Nazi Germany had grandiose designs to change the map of the world and purify the Aryan race. World War II not only resulted in new global geographic demarcations but also power.  Hence, the  dreams of the west to grab Muslim  lands and resources. The Muslim world got worse and worse, its own governance partly to blame.

Hitler at prewar Nazi rally, Nurnberg, Germany (L); triumphal parade, Warsaw, 1939 (R).

It is said that 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated by the Nazi during the holocaust . Victims at Nordhausen concentration camp (below).

The President of Iran amongst others do not believe in the holocaust. It must be remembered that it was the Persians who liberated the Jews who fled to Babylon after their kingdom was sacked by the Romans. The Jews have not return the favour to Iran but want to bomb it instead!

Taking the holocaust did happen then the Muslim world was made safer from zionism by their 6M reduced numbers. But no, the holocaust strenghtened their resolve to create a safe haven.
With British support as exemplified in the Balfour Declaration, the Jews  have ever since violently driving the Palestinians away  from their homeland.

Gen. Allenby entering Jerusalem at the end of the War (L).
The fight by the Arabs against British support of zionist state went back much earlier (L).

Two zionists instrumental in spearheading Israel state creation were Chaim Weizmann (L) and Theodor Hezl. Weizmann addressing 1942 zionist conference in New York (R).

Theodor Hezl (L)

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