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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Several years ago India says that it will commercialise production of the cheapest car (a mini version) in the world. Has it materialised yet?

The world's smallest series-produced car, the Fiat 500, left the factory in Turin for the first time in 1936. I have  owned a Fiat 600 before but its brake was poor.

My 15-year old Kancil is dependable, of great service and keeps me in sustainable mode. Perodua may have made a premature death to Kancil!

The penchant for small or even mini mini cars for affordability and maneuverability has been around since early 1900s.

The "Peel P. 50" was presented at the 1960 London Motor Show. It claimed to be the wold's smallest and cheapest car.
A homemade mini car on the road, 1930s, USA
French inventor Dazin on his "Dazinette", a 1HP 16mph (25kmh) in Paris. He intended to drive to Berlin in March 1936.
Engineer Riandho in his motor scooter, 1952. He drove the model from London to Cape Town hoping to go into series production if successful with the endurance test.
Mini car-and-trailer combination on its way to the London Open Air Exhibition, 24 March 1939.

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