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Monday, July 30, 2012


Monte Zain's many poses (L);

At Malibu Beach (R)

L: Married to Japanese lady, Miyoko; R: Buddies from Alor Star that joined Monte at LA, Ramon Senu (left) aka Senu Abd Rahman, Jim Bukhary (right) aka Syed Salem Albukhary.

The book he published in 1996 with the front cover showing his promotion to U.S. Army Warrant Officer, 1966. The book is fascinating reading filled with adventurous anecdotes.

N.B. My connection with Monte, al beit distant, is spatial in the sense that for 6 months I frequented his haunts along La Cieniga Boulevard, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood Blvd etc. some 25 years later.  A graduate student, Hamdan (formerly of DBKL and Putrajaya Landscape) kindly shared his rented room at Mr Skoen's residence, Sunset Blvd.

I too was on a mission to LA viz. to get my left ear fixed at the world reknown House ENT Medical Center after graduating from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. They successfully replaced the middle ear bones with synthetic ones. That was after mid 1978. 

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  1. More of figuratively speaking and not in the literal sense that I frequented along his favourite routes. Mr Skoen's house is on Wilshire Blvd or close to it rather.