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Monday, July 9, 2012


Not many years ago  all of us jungle dwellers live off the land. Now with government care those in the jungle periphery are in slightly better living  conditions.

One thing about resettlement schemes, they are away from our means of livelihood - the jungle produce and wildlife. The schemes lack holding capacity to help us to earn a living.  Unlike Felda, each participant has 8ac land fully planted with rubber or oil palm by the government. So, Najib can hullabaloo about their success and go global.

A better strategy would be to allow us to live like the kampong Malays, each has its own acre or so compound. Apart the jungle forays we can tend the garden. Many of us are reluctant to move into resettlement schemes. We are not like office workers where they go to work and come back to their houses.

Memanglah kita orang begitu. Susah. Meminta-minta. Tapi orang kerajaan maupun menteri janganlah syok sendiri. Dahlah jamuan banyak. Minta kami sewang selalu pula. Dulu, masa Iskandar Carey, Noone misalnya mereka meredah hutan dan tahu sangat kesusahan kami. Usahlah buat JHEOA sebagai pejabat PTD/PTA seperti pejabat2 kerajaan.

The jungle has many secrets. You have just come to know about tongkat ali and kacip fatimah! Those are part of our life savers for health. How do you fight the junle beasts of which the king of the jungle is the stripe one? We track them. Our weapon, the blowpipe is useless without the Ipoh tree latex.

To know the tree of poison, there is a 30 year tree in the garden compund in front of the railway station at Ipoh planted by the Rotary Club.
Must I tell you about the other gifts of the jungle? But then if you destroy the jungle you destroy us and its secrets.

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