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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Sanusi Junid, when he was Menteri Pertanian helped recycle used tyres. He successfully implemented the tukun (artificial reef) project in the fishing grounds off the east coast.

Wonder how many millions of tyres were thrown into the sea for the fishes to breed. If they have not been washed away by the undercurrents, the nelayans will be still reaping their catch.

At Simpang Pulai, Perak, located within an industrial zone are half a dozen factories that burnt used tyres to produce tyre oil which is then sold for refining to downsteam products.The factories have been in operation for the past 5 years.

It costs RM200,000 to set up a factory. Land rental is RM4000 p.m.

The laborers, 4 to a factory  are Bengladeshis. They get further blackened by the dirt, smoke and soot.

The tyres come in all sizes even those of motorcycle tyres. The large tryes are trimmed off the steel rings and then thrown into the furnace to burn. There may be a dozen furnaces to a factory.
Tyre oil is sold at RM1.10/litre ex-factory. A factory can produce more than 100,000 litres p.m.

SAVE (Sustainable Living Institute) just come to know about these tyre oil  factories and 2 tonnes of used tyres had been delivered at  RM1800/tonne.

Used tyres lying around are a hazard. They collect water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


  1. Errata: at RM180/tonne (not RM1800) bought by factory.

  2. Thanks for the report. Tapi Semua kilang tayar bakar ni dah dpt approval dr JAS ke?. Tengok gambar macam kilang harem je?.

  3. Kilang2 beroperasi dlam zon industri.Tidak dipastikan dari segi dokumennya.