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Saturday, November 17, 2012


This (Feb. 1930) is the oldest National Geographic issue (L) in keeping. Among the articles published is one on Fort de Kock, Korintji and Danau Toba area, central west Sumatra (R).

Railway station, Fort de Kock, Padang (L); daily famers' market (R).

Unmistakeable Batak house architecture (above L & R).

Boat landing, Lake Toba (L); wicker basket to carry people and produce (R).

Not very many years ago, it was widely believed that the Korintjis have special magical power to become were tigers (harimau jadian). Frank Swettenham in 'Footprints in Malaya' has a story on an elderly Korintji couple, the husband told to be a were tiger at night!

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