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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Many politicians are chameleons. Change colour when necessary especially to cover blunders. Cover a lie with another lie. Requiem for them come PRU13.

The mother of all chameleons is Anuwar. The chameleonic effect (L) being contagious has now spread to his daughter. So like father like daughter. He has been gloriously flying skyhigh (R) in fastlane politics including that of vaginal in the past.

Out of habit he got his bearings and groundings waylaid and becomes the devil's incarnate (L) as many percieved. The picnic will soon be over for him (R). In his desperation do or die go for Pekan for anywhere he is already lost.

As for Nurul stop monkeying (L) around advocating wrong ideas on liberalism for many will give her the fingers (R).

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