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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


"Sloppy ALOP on soaky slope" - a nightmarish tounge twister for tax payers, officials, politicians, and environmentalists.

Nestled among the greeneries at about the highest point of a ridge that divides Hulu Langat and Ampang is ALOP, short for Ampang Lookout Point. It is under Kajang Municipality.

Apart from getting a good view of KL from the lookout point, visitors come to enjoy the cool air, food and lodging. Alas, ALOP has been closed for the last 2 years according to a jaga.

Recently, a massive landslide at the lookout point renders it unsafe. For one thing, the massive building of the lookout point was built too close to the edge of the slope. During heavy rains the slope becomes soaky. Hence, without proper foundation, embankment and drainage it is foreseeable that double-trouble will come sooner or later.

This harks the grand enquiry. Is it the end of ALOP? What is the post-mortem on the mess they are in? Who are responsible for the debacle?

Indeed, we have not learn from the power of geography!

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