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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What is the pact with Dolah? Mahathir wrote in his blog. It remained unanswered until today. Najib has that elegance of silence too. Apart from sloganeering (talk is cheap), rebranding is his daily bread. Be innovative he said!

Of what use of new money if it causes confusion in size and colour to the old ones? The new 5sen is almost the same size as 10sen and 20sen, and the new 50sen about that of 20sen old. Occsionally I have been made to look stupid with the confusion.

Size helps to tell coin denominations especially for the blind and when in the dark at pasar malam for example. The numerals must be raised enough on the coin so that one can tell the amount just by the feel of it.

The colour of the new RM20 note  is almost the same as the RM10 note - as if there is no other colour! I could not believe that there are so many stupid people up there.

What's wrong with the old ones? Is it change for the sake of change? Was it a pretext to print fiat money to be doled out to all and sundry and get votes in return? If such are the case then the nation is in deep shit.

It costs money to mint money. Dolah is said to be hand-in-glove with the Australian mint firm.

Najib, like Dolah is a braggard, talking in terms of billions to tell the whole world to invest here, little realising the implication of supposedly skyhigh money coming and to make. It has a triggering effect towards inflationary cost of living. 

His minimum wage policy among others, is poorly planned and hence a blunder that definitely has inflationary effects across the board, industry-wise and to majority of the populace.  FGVH is a farce. His 11x3 years in politics has not prepare him enough to be FM or even PM and he should be due to be replaced.

This man pointing to his egoistic self (second right after the beautiful lady!) is supposed to take care of the Orang Asli and rural development. Yet, he is the one who is responsible for discarding the 1sen coin and rounding-up to the nearest 5 or 10 sen. He can not foresee the ramifications beyond his bloody nose. And this is contradictory to having sensitivity towards the downtrodden. Is he acting as FM? What Zeti has to say? Even the world's greatest economic power value its penny (1cent) in circulation. This Shafie has been desensitisized for being up there in the rich club too long, has not prove his worth, and time for him to go.

Melayu suka menikus dan cari kerja!

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