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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The US, France and other countries have been nuke testing since 1940's. What's the fuss with missile testing by N. Korea and Iran developing nuclear power? Go on N. Korea.

They want to intimidate and hence control other countries' resources and affairs. Such is what Israel is doing. The global law is might is right. It must be the animal-man tendencies, uncivilised or civilised so-called. Democracy is dead long time ago.

The Bikini Islands (they call them atolls and bikini as if of no importance!) in the South Pacific were used as sites for nuclear blasting by the Americans (and French?).

The Bikini Islands had to be depopulated and the islanders were transferred out far distant from their homeland, never to return. The atomic nuclear blasts and fallout can contaminate the lands of others but not the imperialists. Peace for them but sufferage others.

Western imperialism, covertly (Opium War, Hong Kong grab, Taiwan divide ...) or otherwise for centuries has been and is still curbing China's  growth which is now unstoppable. What's the fuss of cyber attacks? In the final edict, there is no law. Go on China, let them taste their own medicine!

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