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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Razak, as the second Prime Minister of Malaysia had his feet firmly on the ground for the rakyat. One could tell from his face of his humbleness. Among the many developments during his time, he laid the foundation of Felda to open land for rubber and oil palm for the landless and poor. This was a brave idea leading to massive transmigration and social transformation of people. Yet, he never claim credit or calling himself the father of transformation. There was no need for sloganeering. Do it and let the people judge.

In agricultural development Razak did to rubber/oil palm as what Tunku did to rice establishing the rice bowls at Kuala Muda (MADA) and Kemubu (KADA) for the rakyat. Mahathir gave emphasis  towards industrialisation but academics began to think that agriculture was becoming a bad word and rebranded Universiti Pertanian to Universiti Putra. Dolah simply wanted another bridge in his backyard and cancelled the strategic half-way bridge across the causeway.

What the country urgently need is another brave irrigation project to bring rice cultivation to self-sufficiency to ensure food security. So far, such national agenda is being given lip-service.

Felda is now in shambles thanks but no thanks to his offspring. What a pity, tikus membaiki labu!

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