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Friday, June 28, 2013


According to the Malay Mail article of the Woodstock of early August 1972 held at Cheras was organised by the Scout movement! I doubt it. If it was so than I would be ashamed of my Queen Scout badge. The Scouts became the scapegoat as a cover up by the authorities concerned for shamefully aping the U.S's Woodstock held not much earlier. It was supposed to be an event for the youth they say. Who was the Youth Minister then?

I was in 2nd year at Kolej Pertanian Serdang when I heard about the Woodstock. (It wasn't me dancing there!)

Scouts do not dress and act like in the pictures. Those youths were acting like high on drugs!

A lot of free-mixing. Recognise yourself there!

There was no pictures of scouts shown.

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